Using celebrity net worth for your own inspiration

There is a Biblical reference, which you can also find online, that says you should never covet your neighbor’s goods. What this means, basically, is that you should never be jealous of your neighbor’s nice new patio in the back, or his perfectly tiled swimming pool. You should also not be jealous of his brand new SUV that he has foolishly and deliberately left out in the driveway. He has done this deliberately because he wants you and the rest of the street to grow green with ivy. This is a foolish notion because even with a state of the art rapid response alarm system, carjackers can still make off with the prized goods. 

No, it is not a good idea to be pettily jealous of other folks’ possessions. It is not a good idea either to eye other people’s fat bank balances. Rather be proud of your own achievements in life, however modest it may seem at the time. Now, there is one familiar preoccupation we all seem to have these days. We have to admit that it is idolatrous. And that is another no-no coming from the Biblical commands cast in stone, also cemented online. We should not fall prey to idolatry. But these days, we just can’t seem to help ourselves.

Let’s be honest, we are all mad with curiosity to see what our favorite celebrities are up to. And for whatever reasons, we just can’t help ourselves, we adore them to bits. Business-minded and money conscious folks are always wondering how the heck these famous entrepreneurs made their billions; it’s no longer millions anymore. And yet if they are that centered on money, why the heck aren’t they making any money of their own. Could it be that some (or many) of us are just so darn lazy or disillusioned, always self-doubting that it is just not possible for us?

celebrity net worth wiki

Let’s face inevitable facts. Sooner or later, we are going to have to start thinking seriously about making our own money for a change. We are going to have to start thinking seriously about becoming our own self-worth entrepreneurs, because we never know when that moment of truth will come. The Biblical phraseology says that being laid off one day can come like a thief in the night, making off with your neighbor’s SUV and your big screen flat TV as well. So, why not prepare yourself seriously ahead of time. Why not rather use online sites like celebrity net worth wiki to learn and be inspired.

Yes, of course you are going to see how your favorite billionaire entrepreneurs’ net worth is ticking up, but you are also going to read and learn just how they all did it from scratch. You will soon see that they were also inspired. And then what else did they do? They did not loath; they rolled their sleeves up and got to work.